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I think maybe there is some missing context here...

On Wed, Jun 28, 2017 at 10:33 PM C Bergström <cbergstrom at pathscale.com>

> #1 Is there technical merit to what Peter is trying to convey? if yes
> please reset.

A bunch of people carefully looked at everything Peter said in multiple
(fairly long) threads. This is just the latest iteration.

For example, Sanjoy, Nuno, and John  discussed many of these issues with
Peter in detail here:

The discussion was then forked into several more threads. So I think that
there has been a very reasonable set of chances to gather anything we can
here. I've also checked with at least Sanjoy, John, Hal, and a few others
about this when the threads were originally going to see if there was
anything substantive materializing.

And if I missed someone or something, I'm sure folks in the community will
pipe up to help explain it.

> Shouldn't we all be a little empathetic to the engineers who are
> brilliant, but sometimes have a few rough edges? If the tone of an email
> comes across the wrong way, I thought there was an established way to try
> to positively handle the situation?

I'm actually very sympathetic. I didn't want to push back so firmly, but I
ended up with numerous people specifically asking that the repeated
inappropriate discussion be called out. =/ In the thread I list above, John
started trying to help guide the tone of the discussion to a more
constructive way.

Anyways, I genuinely think the most positive path forward doesn't involve
more discussion at this point. So far, I remain completely unconvinced of
any important technical merit here, and it seems so does everyone else
working in this area. We may well all be wrong, but repeating that won't
help IMO.

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