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> I'm sorry, but given the tone and approach you have taken, I don't have
> time, energy, or motivation to continue to invest here. I'm going back to
> other things. Having read all of these threads, I am thoroughly convinced
> by the positions put forward by others.
> My advice to you in my first email stands. If you want to make progress,
> more emails will not help. I encourage you to start writing code and
> demonstrating through specific proposed modifications (likely prototyped on
> a local branch or GitHub fork) and demonstrate clear evidence of the
> improved reliability without degraded performance of benchmarks.
> I think that is your path forward, and I don't plan on continuing to
> engage in what comes off to me as a hostile and repetitive email thread
> (this one, and the others you have started).


Can we all just reset our hurt feelings and get back to the issue for a
/* Chandler being a dick is my job and you can't have it, ok? Snarky
intelligence comments masked in a thin veil of rudeness is no better than
the things I typically do. */
All half jokes aside...

I'd like to politely ask for whoever is capable of putting their ego aside
for a minute and re-approach things from a pure technical perspective.

#1 Is there technical merit to what Peter is trying to convey? if yes
please reset.

Shouldn't we all be a little empathetic to the engineers who are brilliant,
but sometimes have a few rough edges? If the tone of an email comes across
the wrong way, I thought there was an established way to try to positively
handle the situation?
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