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Wed Jun 28 21:58:55 PDT 2017

On Wed, Jun 28, 2017 at 9:46 PM Peter Lawrence <peterl95124 at sbcglobal.net>

> Chandler,
>                I am not a “politically correct” person, never have been,
> never will be.
> If you are waiting for me to make a politically incorrect statement so you
> can jump
> on it, let me assure you that you will never be disappointed.
> But if that’s all you do then you and llvm lose out. If you want to
> actually help
> llvm move forward then you should judge what I say based on its merit, not
> on its
> delivery.

I don't care if you call it "politically correct" (I wouldn't), but you
will have to find a way to deliver what you say in a way others don't
perceive as attacking them, insulting them, and being hostile. Those are
the baseline requirements to participate in this community and work on this
project. As I said before, you are always free to work on other compiler
projects or start your own if you find this community not to your liking.
Open source is a big place. =]

> The thing I will agree with you about is that people on this list are well
> intentioned.
> But I still don’t believe my description of “poison” has ever been
> discussed before,
> you were will intentioned in saying it has, but there is no reason to
> believe it has,
> because every time I dig deeper into these issues I run into
> mis-conceptions and
> mis-information. Faulty analysis based on faulty assumptions. Every time.
> If I sound
> hyperbolic it is because I have gotten frustrated from continually running
> into this.

I understand you are frustrated, but I have said on several occasions that
repeating yourself is not helpful.

> Now, getting back to technical, I’m waiting for some C source code examples
> showing how  "Current transformations made by LLVM require [posion]”

I'm sorry, but given the tone and approach you have taken, I don't have
time, energy, or motivation to continue to invest here. I'm going back to
other things. Having read all of these threads, I am thoroughly convinced
by the positions put forward by others.

My advice to you in my first email stands. If you want to make progress,
more emails will not help. I encourage you to start writing code and
demonstrating through specific proposed modifications (likely prototyped on
a local branch or GitHub fork) and demonstrate clear evidence of the
improved reliability without degraded performance of benchmarks.

I think that is your path forward, and I don't plan on continuing to engage
in what comes off to me as a hostile and repetitive email thread (this one,
and the others you have started).
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