[llvm-dev] Proposal: introduce dependency on abseil when building benchmarks

Renato Golin via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Oct 7 09:47:32 PDT 2021

Ok, it looks like we're talking past each other, so I'll be extra clear.
This is not meant to be rude, just making sure we're in the same page.

On Thu, 7 Oct 2021 at 17:20, Mircea Trofin <mtrofin at google.com> wrote:

> And yet, you propose to follow through if no one objected. Which is never
>> a good idea for breaking changes.
> To be clear, the fact they are breaking changes is what we're trying to
> determine. It was my intention to spur attention to the thread (given the
> silence), and providing a timeline can help.

There are many ways to drive attention to a thread that hasn't received the
due attention, for example:
* "Politely ping" the thread, by saying "hey, has anyone seen this, I need
some feedback" or such.
* Reply to the thread including more people and making it clear that you're
doing so by saying: "Adding more people to broaden the search for reply".
* Chase other channels, like IRC, Disco{rd|urse}, other tools that you know
are people that can help.

Your "gentle reminder" isn't good because it assumed(*) that:
* everyone that should have read your email did read the email
* your change is obviously-good &| non-breaking
* silence with consensus

None of which is true.

(*) Even if you personally didn't assume, the reply itself had the
consequence (merge EOW) as if it was true.

Yup, but they need to be identified first (i.e. a bit of a catch 22 if no
> one replies)

Both LLVM's mailing list and IRC channels are high-traffic, meaning it's
really easy to get lost in the noise. If you don't get a reply in a few
days, it's very likely that no one saw it.

People also work no different time zones, have different week schedules,
holidays, sickness, etc. Some people have alerts for emails, others read a
digest at the end of the day. Some people work on the project full time,
others on their spare time.

Most people, however, are more responsive if you copy/@ them directly than
if you just post a generic thread somewhere. But how to find those people?

First, old timers know more people than new contributors, so asking them is
a starting point.

But most of them will say similar things:
* Look for the code owners, buildbot maintainers
* Search the mailing list, phabricator or bugzilla for past topics and copy
the people involved
* Use a different communication channel (ex. IRC) to ask around

Once enough people are involved, they themselves know who else to copy, and
the process becomes a lot easier.

Now, where to look for people?
* Code owners are listed in the file: llvm-project/llvm/CODE_OWNERS.txt
* Infrastructure maintainers are listed in:
llvm-project/llvm/RELEASE_TESTERS.TXT and
https://lab.llvm.org/buildbot/#/workers (among others)
* Mailing list and bugzilla searches aren't very effective, but help spot a
few people.

Once you get enough people, just copy them on the initial RFC, and it will
have a much higher probability of reaching the right people.

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