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Thu Jun 24 04:02:28 PDT 2021

On Thu, 24 Jun 2021 at 07:29, Tobias Hieta <tobias at plexapp.com> wrote:

> * Code formatting is easy and much better than in any email
> integration I have seen.

That depends on the client, but yes, it's more consistent, and all other
clients will see the same thing.

* Threading is more obvious and easier to follow

I disagree. Threading on a proper email client, when the headers aren't
destroyed and people don't top-post, is still the best by far.

This rules out GMail and other web clients, which all suck for threading.
It also rules out Outlook, whatever version, that still doesn't know what a
thread is.

But like everything else with email, it requires people to craft messages
and use specific clients that formats right and doesn't destroy meta

> * No problems with "top posting" and replying to a single person
> instead of the full list.

Yup, consistency.

> * Moderation tools were already touched on - but since I don't
> moderate the mailing list I don't want to comment on it too much.

Many email moderators have said they don't think moderation is a problem in
this thread.

It's possible that the people who think moderation is easier in a web
platform are the people that prefer the web platform for other reasons.

In the end, I think consistency (which is objective) is the main benefit of
a web platform, not quality (which is subjective).
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