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I think I would prefer maintaining the status quo but if I woke up tomorrow and the conversation had moved to Discourse I would join it there.  Regardless of whether it had moved by mandate or popular adoption.  I suspect others may feel similar and therefore the traffic is not a good metric of preference.


True. But it may indicate a certain level of acceptance and convenience. Would one need a “dedicated Discourse app” to access and participate in the discussions?

One can use Discourse via email, see https://discourse.mozilla.org/t/how-do-i-use-discourse-via-email/15279 - this is one of the major factors that was considered when comparing the different potential options.

I checked that site. It looks interesting, but my precursory look did not tell me whether I’d need to enter the Discourse web site once to set my preferences to “Mailing list mode”, or more needs to be done. Also, I did not fully understand whether I can create topics exclusively via email, or still need to do something on the web site to post. The page says: “To create a new topic in a category via email, navigate to that category, and click the envelope button”.

So, overall not as bad as I was afraid it would be – but not quite as good as the convenience of a mailing list.

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