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On 6/21/21 16:59, Blumenthal, Uri - 0553 - MITLL via llvm-dev wrote:
>     Are we really going to replace email with Discourse when we can
>     see that
>     almost nobody likes using Discourse?
> Metcalfe's law - people are going to tend to use the medium that they 
> are able to reach the audience on, but not necessarily because it's 
> superior.  Mailing lists have the benefit of long-term incumbency.
> Email has a certain level of “omnipresence” and convenience. Including 
> the superb interoperability among (pretty much) all of the clients and 
> platforms.
> I think I would prefer maintaining the status quo but if I woke up 
> tomorrow and the conversation had moved to Discourse I would join it 
> there.  Regardless of whether it had moved by mandate or popular 
> adoption.  I suspect others may feel similar and therefore the traffic 
> is not a good metric of preference.
> True. But it may indicate a certain level of acceptance and 
> convenience. Would one need a “dedicated Discourse app” to access and 
> participate in the discussions?

One can use Discourse via email, see 
https://discourse.mozilla.org/t/how-do-i-use-discourse-via-email/15279 - 
this is one of the major factors that was considered when comparing the 
different potential options.


> Would that app run smoothly on all the platforms the current list 
> members use (that includes how much space it would require, perhaps 
> people already maxed the storage capacity of their mobile devices?)? 
> How would people include bug reports there – taking screenshots…?
> People kept using email because it seems to work the best.
> I understand that LLVM dev’s aren’t crazy about maintaining mailing 
> lists – but probably a hosted mailing list solution would be better 
> than moving to a totally different platform.
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