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Are we really going to replace email with Discourse when we can see that
almost nobody likes using Discourse?

Metcalfe's law - people are going to tend to use the medium that they are able to reach the audience on, but not necessarily because it's superior.  Mailing lists have the benefit of long-term incumbency.


Email has a certain level of “omnipresence” and convenience. Including the superb interoperability among (pretty much) all of the clients and platforms.


I think I would prefer maintaining the status quo but if I woke up tomorrow and the conversation had moved to Discourse I would join it there.  Regardless of whether it had moved by mandate or popular adoption.  I suspect others may feel similar and therefore the traffic is not a good metric of preference.


True. But it may indicate a certain level of acceptance and convenience. Would one need a “dedicated Discourse app” to access and participate in the discussions? Would that app run smoothly on all the platforms the current list members use (that includes how much space it would require, perhaps people already maxed the storage capacity of their mobile devices?)? How would people include bug reports there – taking screenshots…?


People kept using email because it seems to work the best.


I understand that LLVM dev’s aren’t crazy about maintaining mailing lists – but probably a hosted mailing list solution would be better than moving to a totally different platform.


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