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Hello, Pavel.

Thank you very much for responding.  I let Packt know that we have a
co-author for an LLVM book.  We'll just wait and see if anyone else wants
to step up.  For reference, I think I've seen three people listed as
authors on a single book, which can reduce the workload on any one.

Thanks again,

On Sat, Aug 15, 2020 at 4:55 AM Pavel Kosov via llvm-dev <
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> Hi, Matthew, all
> nice to hear about interest from Packt Publishing for LLVM
> I think there are a lot of professionals in this mailing list, who can be
> an author of the book.
> But writing a good book demands a lot of time, so that's why there are not
> so many responses (and also maybe because of well-formed and updated online
> documentation, which can be a good replacement for the book).
> Nevertheless, I think that one comprehensive well-written book can be
> really useful for helping newcomers be involved in LLVM more quickly, so I
> would offer my help to the person, who will be able to take the
> responsibility to be an author (I can write some chapters, e.g. about PGO,
> internal structures like DAG, etc)
> Pavel
> -----------------------------
> Hello, LLVM Developers.
> My name is Matthew Emerick and I have an opportunity for you and the LLVM
> project.  I represent Packt Publishing in the acquisition of new material
> to publish.  I have been working with one of their Product Managers, who
> may have reached out to you, and he asked for my help in securing an author
> for a book about LLVM.
> >From my discussions with the Product Manager, Packt is looking for a book
> about an overview of the project along with best practices from a user
> perspective.  Off the top of my head, I could see an introductory chapter
> with the history of the project and a high level overview.  Then a section
> about the technologies involved and what they do.  Then finish up with a
> chapter of best practices through some example projects.
> Is there any interest on your end? Will you consider it?  I look forward to
> your response.
> Thanks,
> Matthew Emerick
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