[llvm-dev] Running clang tests

John Byrd via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Apr 15 15:21:13 PDT 2020

>  If there are pain points with using MSVC or make or whatever, we should
be trying to fix then, not just throwing our hands up in the air giving up.

The biggest "pain point" for those of us who have made a good-faith effort
to go down the MSVC route, has been in how MSVC and/or MSBuild checks and
handles dependencies.  In practice, during a build, the Visual Studio stack
tends to spend a lot of time rebuilding things, that do not necessarily
require it.  In practice, I find that iteration using Visual Studio is an
order of magnitude slower than iterating on a Ninja-based system.

If you need to support Microsoft-based technologies, then Visual Studio
Code treats LLVM as a first-class customer on Windows.  In particular, the
clangd plugin within VSCode, provides C++ highlighting and refactoring on
par with MSVC.  That, plus the CMake plugin, makes VSCode an entirely
viable alternative to MSVC, supporting all its key features and adding a
few, with quicker iteration time.

The VSCode CMake plugin allows you to switch between VC and LLVM compilers
trivially, for compatibility testing or whatever, in VSCode.

After spending too much time, trying to do LLVM development in Visual
Studio, I switched to VSCode and never looked back.  Not a paid shill by
any means.  Just a happier user after making the switch.
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