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Date: Fri, Apr 10, 2020 at 2:22 PM
Subject: Incorporate MergeSimilarFunction patches to MergeFunction -
Working outside of GSoC
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Hi Aditya, JF

I saw the project "Improve MegreFunctions to incorporate
MergeSimilarFunctions..." being a prospective project for Google Summer of
Code. I found this project very interesting but I'm not eligible to work as
a student and would like to work on this voluntarily, with the same setup
that comes in as a formal project, and guidance from mentors.

I'm interested in this as a personal learning exercise and a way to onboard
on contributing code to LLVM. I can make the required time commitments and
can start working from now. I've gone through the resources provided with
the project description. If it's required, I can write a formal proposal
for working on it.
Please let me know your thoughts. Also, can we set a time to have a sync-up
on IRC / Discord about the project plan? (I hand around as @pro-panda)

My background:
I recently graduated from BITS Pilani, and am working as a Software
Engineer at Microsoft. I've taken Compiler courses as part of my curriculum
and have relevant background. I was a GSoC student, org admin and mentor
with Sugar Labs, and now serve as an elected member of the Sugar Labs
Oversight Board.
My resume: https://pro-panda.github.io/resume.pdf

Rahul Bothra
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