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Like I said, I don't know how the integration works.  Very very few people have ever touched that stuff.
You could try asking the list again, with a subject line that was more descriptive; that might get the attention of people who could answer your question.
Sorry I can't be more help.

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That's not at all what I meant dude.

I'm asking about building Clang (and friends) as a VS "ToolSet", that can be integrated into VS.

that way Clang can be used as the compiler in VS.

The old integration files in "llvm/tools/msbuild" don't work with VS2017, I've updated them locally, but I want to go further.

On llvm.org<http://llvm.org>, there's binary releases for Windows, I'd like to change the folder layout (/bin, /usr, etc) to match MSVC's, and to actually install right into the Visual Studio folder.

then we could set the PATH to the correct folder that way Clang is available from cmd.exe.

tl;dr I'm talking about complete integration.
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