[llvm-dev] Can DISubprogram be renamed?

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  I am afraid I am missing a big picture with debug info cloning.


  Certainly after your patch (and possibly in some cases earlier):


    Cloning: Reduce complexity of debug info cloning and fix correctness


    Commit r260791 contained an error in that it would introduce a

    reference in the old module. It also introduced O(N^2) complexity in the

    module cloner by requiring the entire module to be visited for each

    Fix both of these problems by avoiding use of the CloneDebugInfoMetadata

    function (which is only designed to do intra-module cloning) and cloning

    function-attached metadata in the same way that we clone all other


    Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D18583


During CloneFunctionInto we seem to create a new DISubprogram which still
carries the name of the _original_ function. which creates certain confusion
with debugging scope.


Was it designed that way, or am I missing something here. 


Thanks a lot.







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