[LLVMdev] 2.6 request - Bug 4879

Michael Lyle mlyle at translattice.com
Mon Sep 7 14:27:37 PDT 2009

First-- thanks to Daniel Dunbar for reporting this issue from my  
earlier coarse report on IRC and to Devang Patel for fixing it.

I'm writing to request that this fix (r81058) find its way into the  
2.6 release.  Code compiled with clang that uses VLAs is horribly  
broken without r81058 (at least on x86-64).  I don't know if it has  
any other implications but it's definitely greatly stabilizing for our  
code base.



PS -- I am not subscribed to this list.

Michael P. Lyle
Chief Executive Officer
Translattice, Inc.
mlyle at translattice.com

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