[LLVMdev] Plea for help

John Criswell criswell at cs.uiuc.edu
Mon May 3 10:58:02 PDT 2004

Finn S Andersen wrote:
> Sorry to disturb you all, but I simply cannot get
> the linearscan allocator to work. I have upgraded
> llvm to mainline cvs. Everything works until I get
> to llc -regalloc=linearscan or lli -regalloc=linearscan.
> I have installed it on redhat 9 and on Fedora Core
> distributions (I even took it as far as to format  a new
> partition and install Fedora core all over). I have submitted
> the bytecode that triggers the error, but IT WORKS
> JUST FINE for John (see below). Apparently, the error
> only shows itself on my installation.
> Guess I must be making some stupid mistake with
> my configuration. I do believe that I follow the recipe
> given. Now I'm stuck. Any kind of even remote ideas
> about what kind of strange dependencies I have violated ?
> Anybody running it on RedHat Linux ?  RedHat has
> been known to ship installations with problems before,
> like when they shipped it with a strange gcc version.
> Any kind of help is most welcome.

We use RedHat in house here, both RedHat 7 and (I believe) 8.  We'll be 
upgrading to RedHat 9 in the future.  So, it should work.

I don't know exactly what to suggest, so I'll try to recap to see if 
there's anything we're overlooking.

Can you send us the following:

1) The LLVM assembly language (.ll file) that is failing.
2) The version of GCC that you are using (gcc -v)
3) A brief description of your hardware, especially if it is something 
uncommon.  I'm assuming your running on x86.  Running on another 
processor (like Sparc or even AMD's new 64 bit chips) might make a 
4) The exact command line that you use to configure LLVM, as well as the 
name of the source and object directory names you use to store the 
source and object files.
5) A copy of the Makefile.config file that is created in the object root 
directory after running configure.

Can you also do the following:

1) Verify that the input file works correctly for the other register 

-- John T.

> Thanks in advance,
> /Finn
> John Criswell wrote:
>> Finn S Andersen wrote:
>>> Chris Lattner wrote:
>>>> I can't reproduce this failure with mainline CVS using either lli or 
>>>> llc:
>>>> $ lli -regalloc=linearscan a.out.bc
>>>> $ echo $status
>>>> 0
>>>> Are you sure that the CVS version is in your path?
>>> After configure and make I run make install, which moves the executables
>>> to /usr/local/bin, right ?   And yes, they are in my path.
>> I am not sure if the "make install" target will work as expected. 
>> Generally, we compile LLVM and set our paths to the 
>> OBJECT_ROOT/tools/Debug directory (as described in the LLVM "Getting 
>> Started" guide).  I seem to recall that someone added some support for 
>> the install target, but I don't know if it is complete.  If any work 
>> as been done, it has probably been registered in BugZilla as an 
>> enhancement.
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