[LLVMdev] Plea for help

Finn S Andersen finna at synputer.com
Mon May 3 10:17:03 PDT 2004

Sorry to disturb you all, but I simply cannot get
the linearscan allocator to work. I have upgraded
llvm to mainline cvs. Everything works until I get
to llc -regalloc=linearscan or lli -regalloc=linearscan.

I have installed it on redhat 9 and on Fedora Core
distributions (I even took it as far as to format  a new
partition and install Fedora core all over). I have submitted
the bytecode that triggers the error, but IT WORKS
JUST FINE for John (see below). Apparently, the error
only shows itself on my installation.

Guess I must be making some stupid mistake with
my configuration. I do believe that I follow the recipe
given. Now I'm stuck. Any kind of even remote ideas
about what kind of strange dependencies I have violated ?
Anybody running it on RedHat Linux ?  RedHat has
been known to ship installations with problems before,
like when they shipped it with a strange gcc version.

Any kind of help is most welcome.

Thanks in advance,

John Criswell wrote:

> Finn S Andersen wrote:
>> Chris Lattner wrote:
>>> I can't reproduce this failure with mainline CVS using either lli or 
>>> llc:
>>> $ lli -regalloc=linearscan a.out.bc
>>> $ echo $status
>>> 0
>>> Are you sure that the CVS version is in your path?
>> After configure and make I run make install, which moves the executables
>> to /usr/local/bin, right ?   And yes, they are in my path.
> I am not sure if the "make install" target will work as expected. 
> Generally, we compile LLVM and set our paths to the 
> OBJECT_ROOT/tools/Debug directory (as described in the LLVM "Getting 
> Started" guide).  I seem to recall that someone added some support for 
> the install target, but I don't know if it is complete.  If any work 
> as been done, it has probably been registered in BugZilla as an 
> enhancement.

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