[LLVMdev] VC++ patches

Morten Ofstad morten at hue.no
Fri Dec 3 00:58:08 PST 2004

Jeff Cohen wrote:
> I tried to build the latest using Visual Studio and ran into a few
> problems.  Patches attached to fix most of them.  However, there's one I
> can't easily fix.

Hi, I also did this and fixed the problems that cropped up. I sent the 
updated project files to Reid, but he has not committed them yet - that 
includes the fix you made to the Configure.vcproj

> DynamicLibrary.cpp is messed up.  lib/System/DynamicLibrary.cpp does NOT
> include platform/DynamicLibrary.cpp like it's supposed to, so the
> Windows-specific implementation is not compiled.  What's there now is
> very Unix-centric and gives me lots of link errors.

It uses the ltdl thing which is platform independent, but I had to do 
major work on the Configure project to set it up so it would compile 
ltdl.c - if you want I can send you the updated project files so you 
have them until Reid commits...


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