[PATCH] D151510: [BOLT] Add skip-non-simple for boltdiff

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Thu May 25 15:37:42 PDT 2023

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Extra filtering for boltdiff, excluding non-simple functions from comparison.

  rG LLVM Github Monorepo



Index: bolt/lib/Rewrite/BoltDiff.cpp
--- bolt/lib/Rewrite/BoltDiff.cpp
+++ bolt/lib/Rewrite/BoltDiff.cpp
@@ -83,6 +83,11 @@
              "collection time and sampling rate for this to make sense"),
+static cl::opt<bool> SkipNonSimple(
+    "skip-non-simple",
+    cl::desc("skip non-simple functions in reporting"),
+    cl::cat(BoltDiffCategory));
 } // end namespace opts
 namespace llvm {
@@ -537,6 +542,8 @@
         Score2 = LTOAggregatedScore2[Iter2->second];
       if (Score1 == 0.0 || Score2 == 0.0)
+      if (opts::SkipNonSimple && !Func1->isSimple() && !Func2->isSimple())
+        continue;
           std::make_pair<>(std::abs(Score1 - Score2), MapEntry));
       ScoreMap[Func2] = std::make_pair<>(Score1, Score2);

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