[PATCH] D151188: [lld] Find resource and lib dir

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Thu May 25 04:33:08 PDT 2023

thieta added a comment.

In D151188#4368335 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D151188#4368335>, @hans wrote:

> I think we should aim for this to work out of the box:

Yep! Agreed.

> So how about we:
> - Make `lld-link` implicitly add the compiler's `lib` dir to its library search path (this patch)
> - Make clang pass the path to the builtins library, relative to that lib dir, as a `--dependent-lib` (and other libraries as needed)
> - Make `lld-link` allow dependent libs to have relative paths

Sounds like a good plan to me. I think the code changes will be straightforward at this point, at least in LLD.

> (The ideal would be to only add these dependent libraries when we actually need them, otherwise it breaks linking with link.exe. Or maybe we could do this only with `-fuse-ld=lld`?)

Yeah, this is going to be a bit tricky, I guess. In that case, we need to expose that flag in clang-cl as well - it's not perfect, but I don't have a better idea at this point.

I'll start by changing this patch to include the base dir to the search paths.

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