[PATCH] D62773: [llvm] [test] Remove non-portable EISDIR test from macho-disassemble-g-dsym.test

Michael Trent via Phabricator via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Sat Jun 1 09:11:39 PDT 2019

mtrent added a comment.

"It does not seem to serve any real purpose..."

In the past, reviewers in the LLVM community required those of us working in llvm-objdump to supply test cases that exercise every error condition we may encounter when parsing Mach-O binaries, even in cases when the logic is simple and verifiable via code inspection. To be honest with you, this has been a bit of a burden for us, as sometimes constructing a binary that triggers a very specific error condition can be difficult.

In this case, I do have people filing bug reports against this behavior (printing the wrong error message when passing bad input) so I added the test to satisfy the LLVM community's previous requirement that all error states be tested in llvm-objdump, and as justification to close the bug reports.

But that said, I am 100% OK with relaxing the requirement that we need to test every error case in llvm-objdump going forward.




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