[PATCH] D58296: [llvm-objcopy] Make removeSectionReferences batched

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Removing a large number of sections from a file with a lot of symbols can have abyssmal (i.e. O(n^2)) performance, e.g. when running `--only-section` to extract one section out of a large file.

This comes from iterating over all symbols in the symbol table each time we remove a section, to remove references to the section we just removed.
Instead, do just one pass of symbol removal by passing a sorted list of all the sections we'd like to remove references to.

This adds another compressed large test object (3.3M compressed, 30M uncompressed), like many-sections.o.gz, but with more symbols added to reproduce an internal failure. On my machine, running `objcopy -j .keep_me huge-input.o /tmp/foo.o` takes .3s with GNU objcopy, 1.3s with an updated llvm-objcopy, and 7+ minutes with llvm-objcopy prior to this patch.

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