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Wed Mar 18 15:00:39 PDT 2020

> On Mar 17, 2020, at 2:39 AM, Rui Hong via lldb-dev <lldb-dev at lists.llvm.org> wrote:
> Hi LLDB devs,
> First I want to thank you all for the very helpful advice on my former question! It's a really nice community.
> I have a small problem now about LLDB tab completion and I haven't found any solutions so far. I used to have nice tab completion before. But I cannot get this feature to work on my LLDB 7.0.1 on linux after I enable python, where an actual tab is inserted after the cursor and similar for other control characters like Backspace. Both in lldb console and the embedded python interpreter´╝Ü
> <3203DB14 at DEF03B5E.C19A705E.jpg>
> That's very inconvenient. Is there anything wrong? I haven't changed the code at all, just added some necessary parameters in cmake command to enable python. Things worked well even last week before rebuild with python
> Kind regards,
> Rui

The python interpreter may or may not support tab completion. On my mac, I just typed "python" and got the >>> and typed:

>>> import json
>>> json.lo<TAB>

and I just have a TAB inserted into the output. So python might not have tab completion enabled by default? Checkout your python interpreter from the command line and let us know if it works?


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