[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D109463: gn build: Add support for building LLDB on Linux.

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Wed Sep 8 17:22:41 PDT 2021

thakis added inline comments.

Comment at: llvm/utils/gn/secondary/BUILD.gn:15
+    "//lldb",
pcc wrote:
> thakis wrote:
> > pcc wrote:
> > > thakis wrote:
> > > > Does this build fine on windows?
> > > > 
> > > > Generally this only depends on the test targets which in turn depend on the binaries, so probably should only have the old/test dep in this file anyways.
> > > You're right, this needs to avoid the dependency on lldb on Windows targets.
> > > 
> > > The problem with only depending on `//lldb/test` is that nothing else refers to `//lldb`, so `ninja lldb` wouldn't also build `lldb-server`. Maybe it would be better to add `lldb-server` to the `data_deps` of `//lldb/tools/driver:lldb` instead then.
> > I guess `//lldb/test` could depend on `//:lldb` instead of `//lldb/tools/driver`?
> > 
> > We currently don't use data_deps anywhere else. (I have https://github.com/nico/llvm-project/commit/7246393c6bbc270044641415ffb0db93ffee3e29 on a branch, but uploads with static links take so long that it isn't really worth it. Maybe I should revisit that with `-fno-semantic-interposition`…)
> And then `//:lldb` would depend on lldb and the various lldb-servers? I suppose that could work.
> It seems like clang's existing dependency on e.g. clang-offload-bundler, which is the sort of dependency we want here, is currently added via deps, and I see that your change moves that to data_deps. For executable->executable dependencies I suppose that deps means the same thing as data_deps (test isolation aside) but to be consistent with what's in clang maybe we should just stick to what I have here except with s/data_deps/deps/g.

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