[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D12677: Bug 24733: TestRegisters.py for Clang inferiors

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Wed Sep 9 03:53:20 PDT 2015

abhishek.aggarwal added a comment.

In http://reviews.llvm.org/D12677#242006, @ovyalov wrote:

> I reverted the CL because it was causing TestRegisters.test_fp_special_purpose_register_read to fail on OSX:
> - stop reason = EXC_BREAKPOINT
> - "register read ftag" yields 0x80 instead of expected 0x8000

Hi Oleksiy

Thanks for pointing out.  Two things:

1. Is it possible for you to share the failure log for this test on MacOSX? The expected value of ftag is 0x0080 and not 0x8000. Which compiler was used to compile inferior?
2. Do you think that this patch needs reversion? In my opinion, this patch provides a much better (genric) way to test X87 FPU on Linux OS (atleast). I don't know whether the status for MacOSX would have even changed after you reverted this patch. I believe, it should still fail for MacOSX. I can take a look for MacOSX once you provide me failure logs. I would recommend to keep this patch and for the time being skip it for MacOSX. Once I find a fix for it on MacOSX, we can enable it for the same as well. What do you think ?


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