[libcxx-commits] [PATCH] D99104: [libcxx] renames and moves all concept tests

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Tue Mar 23 13:30:00 PDT 2021

Quuxplusone added a comment.

@zoecarver wrote:

> If there's a comment at the end of the function, I don't think anyone will accidentally modify it (and if they do, it will be easy to catch in review).

The failure mode to defend against is "someone creates a //new// .compile.pass.cpp test (maybe brain fart, or maybe because they think that's just the naming convention), without adding such a comment; and then adds runtime assertions to it."  But suppose we have //no// .compile.pass.cpp tests checked in, so that nobody ever creates a new one by accident (because there's no old ones to copy); then that failure mode goes away forever. Also, any need to explain the difference to newbies also goes away. I think that getting into that world would be worth //some// (but not an //arbitrarily// large) buildbot slowdown.

It might be interesting for someone to measure the slowdown from globally changing all .compile.pass.cpp tests into .pass.cpp tests.

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