[libcxx-commits] [PATCH] D93562: [libc++] Add a missing `<_Compare>` template argument.

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Fri Dec 18 12:55:58 PST 2020

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Sometimes `_Compare` is an lvalue reference type, so letting it be deduced is pretty much always wrong. (Well, less efficient than it could be, anyway.)

I did a manual audit for other offending calls (and I found none), by manually replacing `_Compare __comp` with a non-deducible `typename __identity<_Compare>::type __comp` in all the helper functions. My impression is that such a blanket change to the helpers would be unwelcome because it's so icky-looking. And perhaps also because it's an ABI break, in the sense that it would affect the mangling of the `__sort` specializations explicitly instantiated in src/algorithm.cpp — it's unclear to me whether we would care about that.

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Index: libcxx/include/algorithm
--- libcxx/include/algorithm
+++ libcxx/include/algorithm
@@ -4483,7 +4483,7 @@
         value_type* __p = __buff;
         for (_BidirectionalIterator __i = __first; __i != __middle; __d.template __incr<value_type>(), (void) ++__i, (void) ++__p)
             ::new ((void*)__p) value_type(_VSTD::move(*__i));
-        _VSTD::__half_inplace_merge(__buff, __p, __middle, __last, __first, __comp);
+        _VSTD::__half_inplace_merge<_Compare>(__buff, __p, __middle, __last, __first, __comp);
@@ -4492,9 +4492,10 @@
             ::new ((void*)__p) value_type(_VSTD::move(*__i));
         typedef reverse_iterator<_BidirectionalIterator> _RBi;
         typedef reverse_iterator<value_type*> _Rv;
-        _VSTD::__half_inplace_merge(_Rv(__p), _Rv(__buff),
+        typedef __invert<_Compare> _Inverted;
+        _VSTD::__half_inplace_merge<_Inverted>(_Rv(__p), _Rv(__buff),
                                     _RBi(__middle), _RBi(__first),
-                                    _RBi(__last), _VSTD::__invert<_Compare>(__comp));
+                                    _RBi(__last), _Inverted(__comp));

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