[cfe-dev] Does "ninja check-clang-tools" get run by any buildbots

David Spickett via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Jul 6 02:28:47 PDT 2021

a) That ninja target seems valid to me, at least one bot uses it.

b) I looked through the buildbot configs in
https://github.com/llvm/llvm-zorg and found at least one Windows bot
is running them.


In the "stage 1 check" you can see:
Running: ninja -j 32 check-llvm check-clang check-clang-tools
check-clangd check-lld

Pretty sure all of our (Linaro's) bots are running them on Linux, e.g.
https://lab.llvm.org/buildbot/#/builders/187/builds/259. It uses
check-all but you can see clang-tools-extra enabled in the cmake
command, which I think will add that target.

One thing to check is whether these tests are enabled with some other
option or dependency. For example, does cmake check that you've
installed a helper library before adding them and your system happens
to have it and the bot doesn't?

c) The buildkite premerge testing is configured with
and I see it enabled there. (there is a specific list of disabled
projects in that same file)

I'd double check that it's doing "check-all" or similar in the actual
build. If you have a recent review (might have to be of a clang-tools
related source file) you can follow the links to buildkite from
phabricator and check the logs.
Click on the Diff <123456> link from "Harbormaster completed remote
builds in B<123456>: Diff <123456>.", then copy the buildkite URL and
go to that to see the full job.

e) I'm not in a position to answer.

Hopefully some of that helps.

On Tue, 6 Jul 2021 at 10:01, MyDeveloper Day via cfe-dev
<cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org> wrote:
> All
> I recently wanted to check something in clang-tidy, and so chose to run the
> `ninja check-clang-tools` target to check the unit tests..(this may not be the correct target)
> There seemed to be significant number of failures (80) especially in clang-change-namespace
> Am I:
> a) Running an invalid ninja target?
> b) Perhaps these tests don't run well on windows (my primary platform) and need fixing?
> c) Are these tests run as part of any pre-merge tests?
> d) Do any of the buildbots run these tests? (so I could check if its just my area!)
> e) Is this code still relevant that one of us should try and fix them?
> Many thanks in advance.
> MyDeveloperDay.
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