[cfe-dev] Does "ninja check-clang-tools" get run by any buildbots

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Tue Jul 6 02:01:17 PDT 2021


I recently wanted to check something in clang-tidy, and so chose to run the

`ninja check-clang-tools` target to check the unit tests..(this may not be
the correct target)

There seemed to be significant number of failures (80) especially
in clang-change-namespace

Am I:

a) Running an invalid ninja target?
b) Perhaps these tests don't run well on windows (my primary platform) and
need fixing?
c) Are these tests run as part of any pre-merge tests?
d) Do any of the buildbots run these tests? (so I could check if its just
my area!)
e) Is this code still relevant that one of us should try and fix them?

Many thanks in advance.

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