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Hal Finkel hfinkel at anl.gov
Thu Jan 30 01:29:35 PST 2014

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> Subject: [cfe-dev] Feature Request: OMP on demand
> Dear Clang-developers
> This is a thing about OpenMP and Pragma Handlers
> I recently upgraded the tool we develop to use clang 3.4. I found
> some
> trouble since there is some kind of OpenMP support and I had to patch
> the code to avoid the registration in the pre-processor of the
> "official" OMP pragma handler so we can register ours.
> My questions are:
>      - How stable/complete is the OpenMP handling? is there any
>      planned
> release date for omp support or is just experimental?

We're currently working on contributing full OpenMP support to Clang, but it takes time to get such a large patchset reviewed. In the mean time, I've been helping to maintain a trunk-rebased version of the full patchset here: https://github.com/clang-omp/clang_trunk -- it is my hope that we'll have full support upstream for Clang 3.5.


>      - could be possible to deactivate this code so I don't need
>      patch
> the code? There are no facilities to modify the preprocessor top
> level
> pragma handler, and no way to unregister a handler from any namespace
> without having the object pointer address.
> Would be nice to have something like unregisterNamespace(const
> std::String& )  either in the pragmaNamespace Class or in the
> preprocessor, this last one could have an accessor to the top level
> pragma namespace class registered by default.
> cheers!
> Luis Ayuso
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