[cfe-dev] Feature Request: OMP on demand

"C. Bergström" cbergstrom at pathscale.com
Thu Jan 30 01:35:28 PST 2014

On 01/30/14 04:19 PM, Luis Fernando Ayuso Perez wrote:
> Dear Clang-developers
> This is a thing about OpenMP and Pragma Handlers
> I recently upgraded the tool we develop to use clang 3.4. I found some 
> trouble since there is some kind of OpenMP support and I had to patch 
> the code to avoid the registration in the pre-processor of the 
> "official" OMP pragma handler so we can register ours.
> My questions are:
>     - How stable/complete is the OpenMP handling? is there any planned 
> release date for omp support or is just experimental?
I'm biased, but I'd say ditch your code and sync with upstream. The 
implementation is supported, there's a corresponding open source runtime 
and design is sane. I imagine within this year it'll have "complete" OMP 
support up to the latest standard.

The best way to help with OMP now is code reviews, testing and if 
possible contributing patches for missing features. Intel has an 
out-of-tree fork they are slowly working to get merged into master.

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