[cfe-dev] inlined&multi-thread CFG generation?

zhunan zhunansjtu at gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 17:32:20 PDT 2009


About the second question,I would like to express it by a example:

suppose I have the following src
for (i=0;i<2;i++)
		pthread_attr_init (&tattr[i]);
		pthread_attr_getschedparam (&tattr[i], &param[i]);
		param[i].sched_priority = i+20;
		pthread_attr_setschedparam (&tattr[i], &param[i]);
		pthread_create(&hThread[i],&tattr[i],thread_func,(void *)&i);


the current CFG generation strategy just treats it as the normal
behaviour of calling a function in a loop, in fact,when we treat with
POSIX Multi-thread or other multi-thread(e.g. OpenMP) programming
environment,we would like to see a CFG which describes exactly that two
thread are executing concurrently but not a normal function call, so
that we can get a CFG which shows that charactor of a "parallel

Thank you for considering it!


在 2009-09-11五的 09:11 -0700,Ted Kremenek写道:
> On Sep 10, 2009, at 7:58 PM, zhunan wrote:
> > 1.I try to make use of clang-cc's function on CFG generation,I found
> > that it generates CFGs for each function seperately,but not combining
> > them together to be a complete CFG for the whole program
> >
> > clang-cc has such a function?
> Hi Zhunan,
> There are no plans to create a whole program CFG (or at least convert  
> the current CFG implementation to being a whole program CFG, something  
> of that nature could certainly be built on top of it).  The  
> infrastructure for whole program analysis will be implemented by  
> layering other supporting data structures on top of CFGs.  Please see  
> my other email for more explanation behind this decision.
> > 2.clang-cc can't not regconize a program written by C+some multi- 
> > thread
> > library(e.g. pthread),it means that, the generated CFG can't reflect  
> > the
> > parallel charactor of the program,so,it seems to very useful for
> > analysis a multi-thread program.
> I'm entirely certain what you mean.  Could you clarify a little more?
> Cheers,
> Ted

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