[cfe-dev] Parser TODO/FIXME

Chris Lattner clattner at apple.com
Tue Aug 21 23:07:37 PDT 2007

On Aug 21, 2007, at 12:31 PM, Patrick Flannery wrote:

> cfe-dev,
> So starting with a few of the FIXME/TODO entries found in  
> Parser.cpp listed by line number.


> 230: TODO: Move this someplace more useful.
>     Is that more useful place Builtin::Context::InitializeBuiltins?

That probably won't work because it doesn't have ASTContext  
information.  The tricky thing here is that this needs to be  
registered in the symbol table for any implementation of the Actions  
interface (in order to correctly parse the file).  As such, it really  
should be in the Parser.  I'd just leave it where it is for now until  
we grow other builtin types.

> 239: TODO: add a 'TST_builtin' type
>     Would this just include adding it to the TST enumeration and  
> DeclSpec::getSpecifierName? I don't think this has to be added to  
> ParseDeclarationSpecifiers, or           ConvertDeclSpecToType  
> because those would not parse a builtin.

There are two possible resolutions to this.  The TODO should probably  
be resolved in favor of asking the target what the right type for  
__builtin_va_list is.  Once we had that, we could just make it a  
typedef for the correct type without having to add a new TST enum entry.

> 305: TODO: Invoke action for top-level semicolon
>     Is this always a null action?

Yep, it would just be a new 'void Action::ParseTopLevelSemi 
(SourceLocation SemiLoc) {}' method.  No current clients would  
implement it.

> 309-311 FIXME: Disable extensions warnings.
>     Is this as simple as Diags.setWarnOnExtension(false/true);

Yes exactly.  It should save the current state, then set it to false,  
then restore the previous state on return.

> 318:  TODO: Invoke action for top-level asm.
>     What action should this be?  I am not sure how an __asm("...") 
> __ at file scope is handled

I wouldn't worry about this until asm parsing is more refined.

> 355-359: TODO:
>     Which of these productions are not handled?  It seems as though  
> the first two are handled, with the [!C99] init-declarator-list ';'  
> not being handled.  I may be reading     it wrong.

You're right, we're farther along here.  I updated the todo markers.   
One remaining issue is that, in C99 mode,
we don't emit an extension diagnostic for C files like:


which is "implicit int y;", which should be rejected in C99 mode but  
we accept as an extension.


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