[cfe-dev] Parser TODO/FIXME

Patrick Flannery foster_flannery at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 21 12:31:00 PDT 2007

So starting with a few of the FIXME/TODO entries found in Parser.cpp listed by line number. 

230: TODO: Move this someplace more useful.  
    Is that more useful place Builtin::Context::InitializeBuiltins? 
239: TODO: add a 'TST_builtin' type
    Would this just include adding it to the TST enumeration and DeclSpec::getSpecifierName? I don't think this has to be added to ParseDeclarationSpecifiers, or           ConvertDeclSpecToType because those would not parse a builtin. 
305: TODO: Invoke action for top-level semicolon
    Is this always a null action? 
309-311 FIXME: Disable extensions warnings. 
    Is this as simple as Diags.setWarnOnExtension(false/true); 
318:  TODO: Invoke action for top-level asm. 
    What action should this be?  I am not sure how an __asm("...")__ at file scope is handled
355-359: TODO: 
    Which of these productions are not handled?  It seems as though the first two are handled, with the [!C99] init-declarator-list ';' not being handled.  I may be reading     it wrong.  



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