[PATCH] D128612: RISC-V big-endian support implementation

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Wed Jun 29 18:18:05 PDT 2022

MaskRay added a comment.

In D128612#3618167 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D128612#3618167>, @gbenyei wrote:

> In D128612#3617955 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D128612#3617955>, @MaskRay wrote:
>> lld/ELF change should be dropped from this change. Don't use `config->endianness`.
>> I feel sad that for little-endian users who don't use big-endian, every write now is slightly slower due to a check ;-)
> Hi, I'm not sure I get it. How will we have a fully functional toolchain, if I don't implement the lld/ELF part?
> In LLVM, unlike in GCC, target related decisions happen in runtime. I think it's a high level design decision. While I can understand the pain of LE developers getting a slightly slower linker due to endianness checking, I sure will feel the pain of a BE developer not having a linker...
> Please explain why I shouldn't use `config->endianness`?

See PPC64.cpp. See D96188 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D96188> how I added aarch64_be support. A set of representative tests should be picked with be tests.
If llvm-project consensus is that we will add big-endian support, I can handle lld/ELF part. I am mostly concerned with this scenarios that some RISC-V folks click LGTM, and the change lands with no test in some areas.

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