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Index: llvm/docs/DeveloperPolicy.rst
--- llvm/docs/DeveloperPolicy.rst
+++ llvm/docs/DeveloperPolicy.rst
@@ -84,30 +84,12 @@
    patches may not apply correctly if the underlying code changes between the
    time the patch was created and the time it is applied.
-#. Patches should be made with ``git format-patch``, or similar (see special
-   commands for `Requesting Phabricator review via the web interface
-   <Phabricator.html#phabricator-request-review-web>`_ ). If you use a
-   different tool, make sure it uses the ``diff -u`` format and that it
-   doesn't contain clutter which makes it hard to read.
-Once your patch is ready, submit it by emailing it to the appropriate project's
-commit mailing list (or commit it directly if applicable). Alternatively, some
-patches get sent to the project's development list or component of the LLVM bug
-tracker, but the commit list is the primary place for reviews and should
-generally be preferred.
-When sending a patch to a mailing list, it is a good idea to send it as an
-*attachment* to the message, not embedded into the text of the message.  This
-ensures that your mailer will not mangle the patch when it sends it (e.g. by
-making whitespace changes or by wrapping lines).
-*For Thunderbird users:* Before submitting a patch, please open *Preferences >
-Advanced > General > Config Editor*, find the key
-``mail.content_disposition_type``, and set its value to ``1``. Without this
-setting, Thunderbird sends your attachment using ``Content-Disposition: inline``
-rather than ``Content-Disposition: attachment``. Apple Mail gamely displays such
-a file inline, making it difficult to work with for reviewers using that
+#. Patches should be unified diffs with "infinite context" (i.e. using something
+   like `git diff -U999999 main`).
+#. Once you have created your patch, create a
+   `Phabricator review <Phabricator.html#phabricator-request-review-web>`_ for
+   it (or commit it directly if applicable).
 When submitting patches, please do not add confidentiality or non-disclosure
 notices to the patches themselves.  These notices conflict with the LLVM
@@ -416,9 +398,11 @@
 provide the name and email address you would like to use in the Author
 property of the commit.
-Your first commit to a repository may require the autogenerated email to be
-approved by a moderator of the mailing list.
-This is normal and will be done when the mailing list owner has time.
+For external tracking purposes, committed changes are automatically reflected
+on a commits mailing list soon after the commit lands (e.g. llvm-commits_).
+Note that these mailing lists are moderated, and it is not unusual for a large
+commit to require a moderator to approve the email, so do not be concerned if a
+commit does not immediately appear in the archives.
 If you have recently been granted commit access, these policies apply:

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