[PATCH] D128645: Update developer policy.

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Mon Jun 27 07:19:22 PDT 2022

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Comment at: llvm/docs/DeveloperPolicy.rst:87-91
-#. Patches should be made with ``git format-patch``, or similar (see special
-   commands for `Requesting Phabricator review via the web interface
-   <Phabricator.html#phabricator-request-review-web>`_ ). If you use a
-   different tool, make sure it uses the ``diff -u`` format and that it
-   doesn't contain clutter which makes it hard to read.
Changing this would require an RFC to see if the community wants to get rid of our requirement that patches be formatted. Personally, I'd be opposed to such a change; I think this should be kept.

Comment at: llvm/docs/DeveloperPolicy.rst:112-114
-When submitting patches, please do not add confidentiality or non-disclosure
-notices to the patches themselves.  These notices conflict with the LLVM
-licensing terms and may result in your contribution being excluded.
I don't think we want to lose this bit either, as I don't think this advice has changed.

Comment at: llvm/docs/DeveloperPolicy.rst:419-421
-Your first commit to a repository may require the autogenerated email to be
-approved by a moderator of the mailing list.
-This is normal and will be done when the mailing list owner has time.
Rather than get rid of this, I think we might actually want to broaden it. I read this blurb as letting folks know that sometimes commit messages take a while before they show up on the commit list. It used to be the primary way that happened was when making a commit for the first time. Now it happens most often for large commits (due to the size of the email content) or a long list of CCs (often added automatically by Herald, though the moderation of these has gotten better in recent history).

I think it's kind of helpful to let people know that sometimes the automated emails get caught out by moderation. But if others don't think that's of value to mention, then we can go ahead and remove this bit.



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