[PATCH] D124606: Use `-text` git attribute instead of `text eol=...'

Pavel Labath via Phabricator via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Thu Apr 28 07:14:17 PDT 2022

labath added inline comments.

Comment at: clang-tools-extra/test/.gitattributes:7-15
+clang-apply-replacements/ClangRenameClassReplacements.cpp -text
+clang-apply-replacements/Inputs/basic/basic.h -text
+clang-apply-replacements/Inputs/format/no.cpp -text
+clang-apply-replacements/Inputs/format/yes.cpp -text
+clang-tidy/infrastructure/export-diagnostics.cpp -text
 # These test input files rely on two-byte Windows (CRLF) line endings.
aaronpuchert wrote:
> My understanding is that `-text` removes an attribute, but what attribute is there to remove? There is no global `.gitattributes` that would set it in the first place. This change just reverts to the status quo before D97625, or rather before that file was moved.
Are you sure about that? Git seems to distinguish between "unset" and "unspecified" values of an attribute:
       Each attribute can be in one of these states for a given path:

           The path has the attribute with special value "true"; this is specified by listing only the
           name of the attribute in the attribute list.

           The path has the attribute with special value "false"; this is specified by listing the
           name of the attribute prefixed with a dash - in the attribute list.

       Set to a value
           The path has the attribute with specified string value; this is specified by listing the
           name of the attribute followed by an equal sign = and its value in the attribute list.

           No pattern matches the path, and nothing says if the path has or does not have the
           attribute, the attribute for the path is said to be Unspecified.


And then it says this about the `text` attribute in particular:
               Setting the text attribute on a path enables end-of-line normalization and marks the
               path as a text file. End-of-line conversion takes place without guessing the content

               Unsetting the text attribute on a path tells Git not to attempt any end-of-line
               conversion upon checkin or checkout.

           Set to string value "auto"
               When text is set to "auto", the path is marked for automatic end-of-line conversion. If
               Git decides that the content is text, its line endings are converted to LF on checkin.
               When the file has been committed with CRLF, no conversion is done.

               If the text attribute is unspecified, Git uses the core.autocrlf configuration variable
               to determine if the file should be converted.


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