[PATCH] D28462: clang-format: Add new style option AlignConsecutiveMacros

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Fri May 10 04:29:35 PDT 2019

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MyDeveloperDay added a comment.
> When I spoke with one of the code owners, they seemed to have a problem
> accepting this review based on there not being a general
> description/understanding of how this algorithm works.
> Having said that, all of the "AlignToken" based functions
> (alignConsecutiveXXXX) are hard to understand unless you take the
> AlignTokens() function as read, and just look at the Lambda.
> As a relative new comer, I find some areas of clang-format hard to
> understand, I tend to learn them as and when I need to, but the gist of
> AlignTokens is in its comment, but with comments like 'There is a
> non-obvious subtlety' probably means you really need to be in it and inside
> a debugger to see what is going on.
> For this review I actually don't personally see what is Macro specific
> about AlignMacroSequence(), it seems to be almost identical to
> AlignTokenSequence without the scope and comment handling, (which actually
> makes it  a lot simpler), my feeling is it could be used for more than just
> this, maybe pulling this out into its own set of functions wasn't the
> correct thing to do, and actually the original design might have been
> better, but this solution seems more simplistic and because its isolated
> means it doesn't break the other functions.
> All I feel I can add to the review process, is that perhaps a few more
> comments explaining the subtlety of the various "if statements" in both the
> Lambda and in the main alignment might help bring some clarify..

That is basically what I thought.

> but to be honest I'm OK with how it works and I'd like it in.
> Ultimately I'd also like to see this revision land, especially as its off
> by default, I would like to see some ability to be able to set a Minimum
> Column distance to the value (this would allow Visual Studio to not keep
> playing the hokey-cokey (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hokey_cokey)  with
> resource.h files.), but perhaps that is for a later change once this is
> accepted.
> From my perspective it LGTM, if the code owners are present they should
> really rubber stamp it, If not well...

If you believe you understand this code well enough to LG it, I'm fine with
it going in. I think we need one reviewer spending enough to time
understand why the code is the way it is, and given the quality of code
I've seen from you, I do trust your ability to understand code :)

>   https://reviews.llvm.org/D28462/new/
> https://reviews.llvm.org/D28462
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