[llvm-dev] EuroLLVM Numerics issues

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Thu Apr 11 12:17:46 PDT 2019

I was working on threading the #pragma FENV_ACCESS down into clang's AST. But that's on hold because Richard Smith wants more design discussion. The current method I was building on doesn't work for templates.

The clang TreeTransform class is magic that I don't grok yet.

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for raising this topic. I am very interested, but unfortunately I won't be at EuroLLVM. Here are some things on my mind, roughly in order of how much time I've spent thinking about them:

Constrained intrinsics

Besides the backend transition problems there is a lot of work to be done to teach existing optimizations to handle the constrained intrinsics. Also, something needs to be done in the front end to generate the intrinsics. A patch has been submitted to do something about this in IRBuilder, but I don't believe anything has been done in the front end.

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