[llvm-dev] EuroLLVM Numerics issues

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Tue Apr 30 14:04:30 PDT 2019

Some updated post fact from the BoF at the EuroLLVM conference:

* Constrained intrinsics: Steve, Matt and Andrew to continue working the newest iteration of this feature, working towards an initial implementation that we can add to for multiple architecture usage.  Steve, if a thread is currently active, can you chime in here about it.

* FTZ: Extending FMF for FTZ, need clarity on whether code might be optimized to FTZ or is optimized to FTZ as the feature spec.  
  See thread: [RFC] Making space for a flush-to-zero flag in FastMathFlags

* FMF caller/callee and inlining:  We are looking into this internally here at Apple at least initially for consistency of results for shaders.  I may start a thread on this if others are interested.

* Complex numbers and Vector Masking: We need an owner for this, would someone like to start a thread on this?

Also see This review for FP Exceptions: https://reviews.llvm.org/D61331


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> Constrained intrinsics

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