[llvm-dev] Alias Analysis with inbound GEPs

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> Subject: [llvm-dev] Alias Analysis with inbound GEPs

> Hi,

> I’m checking aliasing of two pointers:

> %GEP1 = getelementptr inbounds %struct.s, %struct.s* %0, i64 0, i32
> 1, i64 %indvars.iv41, i64 %indvars.iv39
> %GEP2 = getelementptr inbounds %struct.s, %struct.s* %0, i64 0, i32
> 16

> The result I got is “PartialAlias” because the indices of the GEP1
> are variable.
That seems like a bug. PartialAlias should only be returned when we can prove a partial overlap. Otherwise, MayAlias should be returned. 

> Shouldn’t the “inbounds” keyword mean that the access to sub-array is
> also in-bounds?
No. inbounds applies only to the whole object. 

> I’m trying to reach “NoAlias” consensus between GEP1 and GEP2.
Did the original code come from C or C++? What are we modeling here? 


> Thanks.

> * Elena

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