[LLVMdev] lld coding style

Chris Lattner clattner at apple.com
Wed Oct 8 21:31:38 PDT 2014

On Oct 8, 2014, at 4:58 PM, Nick Kledzik <kledzik at apple.com> wrote:
> Yes, having uniforms coding styles is nice.  Therefore, I suggest we discuss a variable naming convention that fixes LLVM's problems and can be adopted by all projects.

Yes, I think this is reasonable: I care primarily about consistency, not about which option is picked.

Please start a thread, proposing that we change the LLVM style to follow the LLD style (and outline the pros and cons of the style).  If the community decides that changing LLVM/Clang to follow LLD is the right thing to do, than so be it.  Until we get consensus, I agree that it makes sense to hold off on renaming the world in LLD.


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