[LLVMdev] Random question about the x86 backend (and backends in general I suppose)

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> > I'd like to second this. The problem with the current inference
> > scheme is that it is not consistent: instructions sometimes get
> > inferred flags, depending on how their patterns are specified, and
> > sometimes don't. Furthermore, auditing those inferred flags is not
> > easy, and because this is a correctness issue, they do need to be
> > checked.
> >
> Is there an easy way to inspect the resulting flags after inference
> has
> run? 

Sure. You can look, in the build directory, at the lib/Target/*/*GenInstrInfo.inc file. You'll see a big array of structure initializers, one for each instruction, and a flags variable that will have something like:


It's just not very user-friendly ;)


> It seems like this would be the best format for auditing
> correctness.  If this doesn't already exist, adding a documentation
> generator which lists all the instructions, their inferred/explicit
> flags, and where they're defined could be a useful project.
> Philip

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