[LLVMdev] dynamic data dependence extraction using llvm

mobi phil mobi at mobiphil.com
Thu Dec 11 05:56:34 PST 2014

> However, as we can see in the llvm-IR, apart from load/store instructions
> for array accesses we interested, there are lots of load/store instructions
> for iteration variables, i and j for the above example. And these noise
> load/store instructions will affect whether we have dependencies across
> loop iterations (loop-carried dependence) and dependence distance
> calculation

without being a guru, also in learning process and having been analyzing a
similar situation to "hack" some pointer operations, I came to the
conclusion that the clang AST is the guy. In my case I would have had to
manipulate the AST, but in your case it seems that you only need to analyse
the AST.
And the above statement is made without knowing the content of the work in
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