[LLVMdev] [polly] removing cloog dependence in the testsuite

Tobias Grosser tobias at grosser.es
Mon Dec 3 10:56:35 PST 2012

On 12/03/2012 07:42 PM, Sebastian Pop wrote:
> Tobias Grosser wrote:
>> On 12/03/2012 06:07 PM, Sebastian Pop wrote:
>>> Tobias Grosser wrote:
>>>> Regarding patch one and three: We already have the directory
>>>> test/CodeGen and test/IslCodeGen. I propose to just leave the CLooG test
>>>> cases in test/CodeGen, but to run them conditionally.
>>> I only know how to disable the test of a full directory, so if you want I can
>>> disable all the CodeGen directory (and subdirectories) when Cloog is not
>>> available.  Note that in my first patch I have moved only those tests not
>>> working without cloog, and there are several testcases left in CodeGen that can
>>> still be executed with ISL's codegen.
>> I did not realize there are tests that work for both.
>> What are those tests doing?
> Here is what is left in my CodeGen dir:
> polly/test/CodeGen$ find . -name '*.ll'
> ./20100708.ll
> ./single_loop_ull_max_iterations.ll
> ./single_loop_uint_max_iterations.ll
> ./reduction.ll
> ./single_do_loop_one_iteration.ll
> ./OpenMP/20120330-argument-use.ll
> ./OpenMP/simple_nested_loop.ll
> ./OpenMP/structnames.ll
> ./OpenMP/parallel_loop_simple2.ll
> ./OpenMP/copy_in_temporary.ll
> ./OpenMP/parallel_loop_simple.ll
> ./OpenMP/clastvar_after_parallel_loop.ll
> ./OpenMP/add_memref.ll
> ./OpenMP/copy_in_argument.ll
> ./OpenMP/invalidate_subfn_scops.ll
> ./OpenMP/two_loop.ll
> ./OpenMP/parallel_loop.ll
> ./OpenMP/param_referenced_in_stmt.ll
> ./OpenMP/extract_memref.ll
> ./scev.ll
> ./single_do_loop_int_param_iterations.ll
> ./MemAccess/simple_analyze.ll
> ./MemAccess/simple.ll
> ./20110312-Fail-without-basicaa.ll
> ./GPGPU/3d_innermost_non_parallel.ll
> ./GPGPU/2d_innermost_parallel.ll
> ./test.ll
> The OpenMP ones are already guarded with have_cloog, and the GPGPU ones are also
> guarded.

OK thanks. Most of them do not check the output, but rather the absence 
of a crash.

> I could move all these except OpenMP/GPGPU to the Cloog/CodeGen dir.
>>>> You can add the new isl test cases to  test/IslCodeGen.
>>> That's what patch 3 does, except for a minor rename to avoid a redundant CodeGen
>>> in the dir names.
>> I was basically aiming for having one test directory for one LLVM-IR
>> pass. Instead of having shared test cases, I would rather copy those
>> tests to the isl directory.
> Then let's not use CodeGen for the Cloog code gen dir.  I have used
> Cloog/CodeGen and Isl/CodeGen and I think this is consistent with what you want.
> I can then move the remaining tests in Cloog/CodeGen and duplicate them in
> Isl/CodeGen.  What do you think?

Fine with me (You probably just need to copy the remaining tests in the 
top level directory).


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