[LLVMdev] ARM Qualification

David A. Greene greened at obbligato.org
Fri Oct 14 12:37:31 PDT 2011

Tanya Lattner <lattner at apple.com> writes:

>> Resources isn't the only problem.  I've asked several times about adding
>> my personal machines to the testing pool but I never get a reply.  So
>> there they sit idle every day, processing the occasional e-mail when
>> they could be chewing LLVM tests.
> I'm pretty sure this has been answered:
> http://lists.cs.uiuc.edu/pipermail/llvmdev/2010-September/034555.html

Oh!  I missed that one.  Thanks for the pointer!

> But now the master has moved (this week), so its no longer osuosl.

Right.  I'll try to figure that bit out.  :)

> However, I do agree that it should be put into an appropriate place on
> the website (if its there, I can't easily find it).

Who owns the website?  If I want to make such changes, who do I go


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