[LLVMdev] Issues running LLVM tests on Windows + MKS; filed 4 PRs and have patches

David Neto dneto.llvm at gmail.com
Fri Apr 15 08:45:55 PDT 2011

Ok.  I will try to update the proposed patches to be friendly to the
other environments.  They are open source and so it is easier for me
to replicate.  :-)

Thank you for the pointer to LLVM_LIT_TOOLS_DIR

In my environment Windows cmd.exe is the default shell.  So in
thinking about some of these changes, some of them are MKS issues,
some of them may be CMD.exe shell issues (e.g. /dev/null and >&).


On Wed, Apr 13, 2011 at 8:43 PM, NAKAMURA Takumi <geek4civic at gmail.com> wrote:
> Good morning David,
> I won't accept your patches for now. It breaks lots of things in
> current environments, autoconf - msys, cmake - msys, cmake -mingw and
> cmake - msvs.
>  - You should never forget other environments. (eg., MSYS and CMD.EXE)
>    You should implement detecting MKS if you tweak MKS-specific stuff.
>  - Bash should be assumed to be mature.
>    I suppose MKS bash might be extremely broken (for me).
>  - *.bat is not acceptable on MSYS bash.
>    Is MKS bash not capable to understand #!shbang, or is /usr/bin/env missing?
>  - MKS utils (eg. grep) might not accept our-expected quotes.
> Yeah, usually I could tweak proposed patches, but I cannot obtain MKS.
> (and I won't!).
> At least, you should consider not to break cmake - {mingw|msvc} - gnuwin32.
> You may try tests w/o MKS, by CMake's "LLVM_LIT_TOOLS_DIR" with X:/gnuwin32/bin.
> (You may try also msbuild.exe! )
> FYI, as you oughta know, Lit detects bash.exe in $PATH on Win32 hosts.
> Lit assumes bash.exe might be with a few GNU utils (grep.exe &c.)
> You would be welcome if you would maintain MKS on, or we shall say "We
> don't support MKS", thank you.
> ...Takumi

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