[LLVMdev] Rebuilding LLVM libraries with LLVM-GCC on Windows

Óscar Fuentes ofv at wanadoo.es
Tue Dec 8 11:31:03 PST 2009

"Michael Ness" <mike at liquido2.com> writes:

> Some additional information about the setup may be of interest:
> I'm using CMake to generate the make files for MSYS.  All appears to go well 
> until the tools are compiled.
> The undefined references seem to be coming from the libraries that were just 
> compiled:
> ../../lib/libLLVMBitReader.a(BitcodeReader.cpp.obj):fake:(.rdata$linkonce_ZTVN4llvm8ConstantE+0x10): 
> undefined reference to `llvm::Value::dump() const'
> Apparently it's not being linked with libLLVMCore.a among other libs.

What's the output of this command:

bin/llvm-config --libs "bitreader asmparser bitwriter instrumentation scalaropts ipo"

(executed from the root of your build directory)

Does it mention libLLVMCore ? From your command line it seems that CMake
was unable to determine the library dependencies. Either the
dependencies are wrong (hence the llvm-config check above) or the CMake
build is misinterpreting the output of llvm-config.

I don't know how well the LLVM cmake build worked for 2.5. In theory, it
should work the same way as for a unix host. In practice...


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