[LLVMdev] Rebuilding LLVM libraries with LLVM-GCC on Windows

Michael Ness mike at liquido2.com
Tue Dec 8 10:47:07 PST 2009

Some additional information about the setup may be of interest:

I'm using CMake to generate the make files for MSYS.  All appears to go well 
until the tools are compiled.

The undefined references seem to be coming from the libraries that were just 

undefined reference to `llvm::Value::dump() const'

Apparently it's not being linked with libLLVMCore.a among other libs.

The command line it's using is:

cd /C/Development/llvm-2.5/tools/opt && 
"CMakeFiles/opt.dir/PrintSCC.cpp.obj" "CMakeFiles/opt.dir/opt.cpp.obj"   -o 
../../bin/opt.exe -Wl,--out-implib,../../lib/libopt.dll.a -Wl,--major-image-version,0,--minor-image-version,0 
../../lib/libLLVMipo.a ../../lib/libLLVMScalarOpts.a 
../../lib/libLLVMInstrumentation.a ../../lib/libLLVMBitWriter.a 
../../lib/libLLVMBitReader.a -limagehlp -lpsapi -lkernel32 -luser32 -lgdi32  
-lwinspool -lshell32 -lole32 -loleaut32 -luuid -lcomdlg32 -ladvapi32

Which clearly doesn't link against LLVMCore.

--Mike Ness

From: "Samuel Crow" <samuraileumas at yahoo.com>
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Subject: [LLVMdev] Rebuilding LLVM libraries with LLVM-GCC on Windows

> Hello again,
> In order to avoid the set jump/long jump dependency of DLLs built under 
> Visual C++, we're trying to build the libraries and tools under LLVM-GCC 
> so it will use DWARF exception handling instead of SJ/LJ.  The problem 
> we're running into is that the libraries that we just finished creating 
> cannot be found later in the build process when OPT tries to build.  My 
> partner has MinGW and MSYS installed on his system and we're trying to 
> build version 2.5 of LLVM using CMake.  Can anybody make recommendations 
> on how to get this to work?
> The basic reason we're doing this rather than taking the easy way out with 
> MinGW's implementation of G++ for linking is that we want to be able to 
> create a build script that can be called from an installer.  The LLC 
> command, the libraries it calls, the GAS assembler and LD linker and any 
> other parts of the Binutils package used should be the only requirements 
> for the solution.  The bitcode we are trying to compile has already been 
> linked by llvm-link but contains code that is written in C++.
> --Sam Crow
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