[LLVMdev] Genlibdeps.pl, CMake and MSYS

Kenneth Boyd zaimoni at zaimoni.com
Sun Oct 26 13:32:21 PDT 2008

Óscar Fuentes wrote:
> The CMake devteam is very responsive about bug reports. They will
> certainly appreciate your bug report, no patch required.
I still don't think I have enough detail to file a bug report (not sure 
exactly what they need to know about my system configuration to make it 

I did go ahead (just now) and ask the main CMake mailing list which 
files I need to look at to force a working CMake 2.6.2 bootstrap.  If I 
can fix that on my end, I expect to have enough information to file a 
bug report.
> I'm seeing a failure related to circular library references while
> building LLVM with CMake and MSYS. This didn't happen on the
> past. Building with the configure script works, so it seems something
> related to CMake. Do you have any insight on this?
It occurred to me fairly recently that the only modules listed as 
depending on AsmPrinter in the LibDeps.txt on my end are the 
__ASMPrinter *.o files.  I take it CMake is currently configured to scan 
*.o files for dependencies to extrapolate, as well as *.a files?


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